What We Do. 

Zoo Ost Ltd has more than 31 years' experience, through founder Tony Nevin. Under the umbrella of Zoo Ost Ltd, Tony pioneered a lot of the animal work, run workshops and courses, including the clinical part of the first ever MSc in Animal Osteopathy in the UK and Europe.

We treat conditions that affect all aspects of the body. Read on for some more information or get in touch via email for more information.


I AM the osteopath in residence at Towcester Vets and Onley Equine Vets, where I specialise in the treatment of chronic, long standing, mechanical conditions affecting the performance horse/pony. Working closely with Dr Chris Colles and his team, we have built upon the work of my predecessor, the late Anthony Pusey. As part of an integral team, I bring the physical component to the treatment programme.

Animal Treatment

Our Approach

USING OSTEOPATHIC techniques, Zoo Ost Limited has pioneered much of the treatment in this field with animals and birds. Working closely with Veterinary Surgeons we have successfully treated most genus of mammals, many bird species, as well as various reptiles. Osteopathic consultations are via veterinary referral. This complies with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and the guidelines laid down by the British Veterinary Association (BVA).


Animals at the clinic?

Don't worry - only human patients are treated at our Cheltenham clinic in Gloucestershire.


LIFESTOCK CAN, and do, suffer from the same mechanical problems that affect companion made animals. Over the years I have been able to administer osteopathic treatment to benefit many breeds of sheep, cattle, pigs, and poultry. Osteopathy has been shown to improve the husbandry of livestock without needing to drastically alter how a farm or smallholding is run. Better husbandry leads to better welfare.

Small Domestic Animals

I AM the osteopath in residence at Arvonia Animal Hospital, Cheltenham, Glos. UK., where, for the past 15 years I have run a referral clinic for the osteopathic treatment of small animals. Any investigatory work is undertaken by your referring vet prior to starting any treatment with us. Each patient is given a course of treatment specific to its' own needs, with owners involved in each process, including rehabilitation.

Exotics & Wildlife Rehabilitation

IN 1992 I pioneered the use of osteopathy to treat musculo-skeletal problems in wild, and exotic species of animals and birds. This work has taken me all over the world, working closely with vets and wildlife experts in the field, as well as in many of the finest collections. For this reason I have close links with BIAZA, BVZS, BWRC, to name but a few. Wildlife patients are mainly those with physical injuries.

Human Treatment

What do osteopaths treat?

BASICALLY, ANYTHING affecting normal function of the body may benefit from osteopathic treatment. We treat people from the cradle to the grave, and from all walks of life. No one is immune from back or peripheral joint problems.

Please note that most conditions require a course of treatment involving several visits. You will receive advice to help you manage your particular needs during this process, and you will be encouraged to ask questions pertaining to your condition, and its' treatment.

THE GREATEST user of energy in the body is the musculo-skeletal system at 75% in a normal healthy person. That only leaves 25% for all other functions.

If the musculo-skeletal system is compromised it will draw energy from other areas - this can lead to illness, and organ dysfunction if allowed to continue over prolonged periods.

WARNING: If you have a serious medical condition, and/or you are on prescription medication please check with your own doctor whether any form of osteopathic treatment is safe and practical for you. We are more than happy to discuss your case with your GP if there are any doubts.

  • Long lever articulation, using limbs, and head and neck

  • Short lever articulation, more focused in on individual joints

  • Soft tissue massage

  • Slow release techniques placing joints gently in positions of least tension

  • High velocity thrusts, using low amplitude high speed, short range movements to release latent tension between joint surfaces

  • Cranio-sacral work releasing bony pressure overlying the meninges (membranes encapsulating the brain and spinal cord)

How does osteopathy work?

Treatment itself can involve




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Zoo Ost Ltd has 31 years' experience treating people and animals. Under the umbrella of Zoo Ost Ltd, Tony pioneered a lot of the animal work, run workshops and courses, including the clinical part of the first ever MSc in Animal Osteopathy.

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